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FIC: As She Imagined It To Be

This is just a little teaser story designed to force me to write my longer fic that I have been working on for far too long. Yay for Dead Like Me fic.

Title: As She Imagined It To Be
Author: skinny_bacon
Fandom: Dead Like Me
Rating: PG
Pairing: George/Rube
Summary: George reflects while not sleeping.
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters because if I did they would most certainly still be on the air.

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She had imagined it; there was no use in denying that.

But she had not imagined it this way.

She had thought she would be the one sleeping, her body curled into his side and her head pillowed in the warmth of his neck. He would stay awake, his fingers absently caressing her shoulders, his mind occupied with his own thoughts, not the usual broody, melancholy thoughts. She would feel safe, protected, loved. He would, for the first time in his undead existence, feel alive.

But when it actually happened, she was the one awake.

Her head was still pillowed on Rube’s warm, inviting shoulder, her body curled into his side. Even his arm was similar, held protectively on her elbow holding her near.

And he slept.

She ran her hand absently over his chest, her fingers occasionally catching in the softness of his white shirt. He rarely wore white; black was the colour she most associated with him. But as she lay at his side in his small bed, her own body encased in one of his worn black shirts and him in the unearthly white, she decided the colour, or lack thereof, suited him. Made him somehow seem more like Rube.

Stilling her fingers she moved her head to stare at his face, the unusual angle making him seen both younger and older than she now knew him to be. His was the sleep of catharsis, of release.

George cherished the day she had with him even if the burning in her stomach reminded her of the battle they had waged; against death, against each other.

Leaning up she placed a light kiss on his chin, his face scratchy after their long and exhausting day. He stirred without waking and tightened his hold on her small frame, a long slow breath working its way from his lungs out his mouth, warming the cool air. Resting her head back on his shoulder and draping her leg over his, George smiled.

Despite everything that had happened, it had been a good day. She was glad it was Rube that had been with her for it.

His breathing was slow and steady and George slipped her hand under his white shirt to rest on his heart. Closing her eyes she matched her breath with his, settling into the peaceful sleep she had always imagined would happen when they first shared a bed.



Interested in more? I’ve got a long story that goes along with this teaser that should surface here soon.

PS. I love feedback.
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