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Happy Time

We're all just temps.

A community for Dead Like Me fanfic writers
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Welcome to Happy Time, a community for Dead Like Me fan fiction writers.
Your moderators (and party hosts) are the_wanlorn and shyday.

Blanket Disclaimer: All characters depicted in stories in this community are property of MGM and Showtime. We love them to death and want to play with them all the time, but we make no claim to ownership.

We're not real big on rules around here, but there are a few:

1. Challenges posted weekly. (Most likely on Monday evenings) Occasionally, your moderators will be too busy/lazy to post a challenge. If that occurs, we'll make it a free week and leave the topic up to you. The challenges will NOT close. You are free to write about any of the challenge topics (posted in the master list below) at any time.

2. Open to anyone who loves DLM so much that they're moved to write about these characters as if they were their own.

3. No word limit whatsoever. (Though if you go really long, throw it behind a cut tag or link to your own site. It's only polite.) 100 word drabbles are nice, but there's already a fantastic community for that in deadlikeme100. Why not check them out?

4. Crossovers with other fandoms are welcome. (Just make sure you're creative about how you pull it off. We're harsh judges of stuff like that.)

5. Please issue warnings if your piece contains any adult language or content. Absolutely no characters under 16 depicted in sexual situations. (I love Reggie, but if you do something dirty with her, you're gone.)

6. Please no flaming or hate or spam or any of that stuff that disrupts a writer's peace of mind.

7. Have fun, dammit!

The challenges so far...

1. Death
2. Being Lost
3. First Lines: "She didn't care what anyone said - that was just plain wrong."
4. An appointment that requires the services of the entire Reaper Crew
5. Being Lonely