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Here's the next Chapter to "I Know"

Pairing: George/mason of course!
Rating: PG13
Title: You Wonder
Summary: It's done in Mason's point of view...sorta

Tell me what you think and if improvments are needed!


Sometimes, you wonder about George. Actually, you wonder about her all the fucking time.


You wonder why you said you loved her.


You wonder why you kissed her.


And you wonder why you want to kiss her again.


‘Cause, you don’t really love her like *that, do you?


Your all about sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll. You lived fast, died young. You know that.


You also know she's just the opposite.


She keeps a suck-ass job just so she doesn't have to steal from the dead. She claims to think it's "tacky" but you know she can't bring herself to do it.


To her, it’s no victimless crime. She’s dead too. And has empathy thing.


What you really want to know is why she cares so much.


She's always says that she doesn't give a flying fuck but, you know her better.


If she really didn't care, she wouldn't try to save her reaps. She wouldn't keep visiting her life. Her family. She wouldn't take care of you.


Your always in awe of how much she cares about you. If it weren't for her, you'd be out on the street. A fucking homeless person. At least you already look like one.


Why did you kiss her?


Was it because you were fucking stupid enough to believe that it was your last day? Your only chance to express that, underneath it all, you care for her too?


Is that why you said you loved her? Last day?


Or was it something else. Like the way she looked when you told her not to let go. The way your heart dropped at the thought of never seeing her again. The way she was staring into your eyes. So innocent. Yet...not.


A part of you waited for her to say something.


A part of you waited for her to say she loved you back.


Now you wonder why you fucking care so much.


Caring is creepy.




Mason was sitting is George's car waiting for her to get in.


"OK" Said an abnormally happy George as she pulled the keys from her bag. "Let's roll." Mason watched her as they pulled out of the tiny parking lot then shifted his gaze to the car.


"Georgie, your car is so pretty!" Mason almost whispered as he ran his hand along the car’s red door. She secretly smiled. "Can I take it for a "spin" some time?" Mason reached for her steering wheel. George's expression quickly changed to an angry one as she slapped his hand away.


"No way!"


"Ow! That fucking hurt, you know!" He rubbed his hand and frowned as he faced the front. She just looked at him with mock sympathy. A few minutes of not-so awkward silence went by.


"Daisy was acting...strange today." George rolled her eyes at the sound of the fallen starlets name.


"Daisy’s always acting." George uttered sarcastically, dismissing his concern.


"No, it was like this.....extra super strange!"


"Why? What’d she say? "


"She said: "I know"." George looked at him with confused frowning eyes.


"Know what?"


"How the bloody hell should I know?" Mason glared back. "I’m not a fucking mind reader!" George made a face which Mason mimicked.


"Ok, here’s your stop. Now out of my car." She pushed him into the door.


"Common Georgie-girl. Don’t be like that." Mason pouted. All he earned was a standard "whatever".


"Thanks for the lift." He leaned in, giving her a quick peck on the cheek and was out the car before he had time to see her face or her blush.


She drove away, confused, with a hand placed on her tingling cheek.

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